What We Do

Adopted by the MREA Board in March 2018, this strategic plan will be used as a directive to implement our work through 2020.

MREA Vision, Mission, and Values

The Minnesota Rural Electric Association (MREA) is the Minnesota Statewide representing the electric cooperatives in the state of Minnesota.  We foster unity among and provide service to all of Minnesota’s 50 electric cooperatives.

Our Vision: Strength through unity.

Our Mission: Serving our members through collaborative leadership and expertise.

Our Values:

  • Integrity: Caring about who we are and where we are going.  Honest and straightforward in all we do.
  • Leadership: Unified and co-op strong. Relevant for today and prepared for tomorrow.
  • Excellence/Quality: Excellence through innovation.  Providing uncompromised quality.
  • Service: Be the preferred choice by putting our members first.

Strategic Themes & Supporting Objectives

Strengthening the culture of safety for our cooperative community.

  • Provide professional services and resources to drive actions and solutions that support a culture of safety.
  • Provide a process for reporting information about incidents to effectively share lessons learned and prevent accidents.
  • Encourage safe practices by providing tools and information to all areas of the cooperative community.
  • Explore opportunities to market additional services to members and non-members.

Positively influencing national, state, and local energy policy. Proactively developing and pursuing beneficial policies and react to external threats.

  • Strengthen the grassroots network at all levels and carry out a revitalization of REPAC.
  • Collaborate with the membership on policy priorities and foster unity in addressing them.
  • Seek unity around defining improvements to the Conservation Improvement Program and pursue favorable outcomes.

Provide education, expertise, and offerings that uniquely focus on members’ needs.

  • Analyze and adapt to changing demographics.
  • Explore partnerships to leverage MREA resources.
  • Proactively identify and educate the membership on evolving industry trends.

Enrich the voice of Minnesota’s electric cooperatives.

  • Enhance MREA communications and public relations.
  • Investigate the creation of financial tools to support this strategy.

Sustain a healthy organization, with engaged and productive employees that have the resources necessary to meet the needs of a diverse membership within an evolving industry.

  • Attract and retain qualified staff and maintain an engaged workforce.
  • Continually enhance a culture of teamwork.
  • Ensure MREA remains fiscally stable and financially healthy.
  • Consider new sources of revenue to support the needs of our members.
  • Continue to demonstrate value, so our members recognize MREA as the provider of choice.
  • Continue MREA Board of Director’s outreach and development.
  • Identify talent and expertise within the network of cooperatives, including outside experts, to address emerging and critical issues such as beneficial electrification.
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