Cooperatives Emergency Contact Assistance

Cooperatives Emergency Contact Assistance

We use an online platform, Veracity Connect, to store our mutual aid/contact information.  Our information is kept private and only other MREA co-ops can view the information.

To access the information, you will need a login and password.

If you do not have one, contact Director of Safety and Loss Control at MREA.


Minnesota Burn Centers
Burn Center at Hennepin County Medical Center 
701 Park Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55415 United States
(612) 873-2915

Essential Health Miller-Dwan Burn Center 
502 East 2nd St
Duluth, MN 55805 United States
Emergency Number to call when a victim is burned: (218)786-HELP(4357)
(218) 786 – 2815

Regions Hospital Burn Center 
640 Jackson St
St. Paul, MN 55101 United States
1-800-922-BURN  (phone after hours and on weekends)