Training for Utility Employees

MREA provides a variety of training to electric cooperatives that is customized to their specific needs.  Our areas of training include: leadership, management, financial, supervisory, customer service, technical best practices, monthly onsite safety meetings, apprenticeship certification, hands-on technical skills, hot line work, metering and much more. Please see our event schedule and descriptions for details or download a MREA’s Calendar of Events in PDF format.

Customization of training is cost prohibitive for individual cooperatives to reasonably provide. Collectively, through their statewide trade association, co-ops are able to provide employees professional development opportunities that keep pace with our changing business conditions.

Electric Cooperative Director Training

An effective board of directors is a high priority for electric cooperatives. Extraordinary board governance requires a strong commitment to learning. Since our boards are elected from among the member-owners of the cooperative most have no previous experience with the utility business. The duties of directors are outlined in state statute and the co-op articles of incorporation and bylaws. The duties of a director include obedience, diligence and loyalty; summed up as director “fiduciary duties.”

The fundamental responsibility is to be engaged, informed and faithful fiduciaries and gatekeepers, protecting the long-term interests of members (stockholders) and other important constituencies, including regulators, employees, customers and the public. Being engaged and acting on an informed basis requires directors to understand the operations, financial model and strategy for the electric cooperative.

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) Credentialed Cooperative Director (CCD) certification program provides electric cooperative directors with the foundation of knowledge needed to effectively provide leadership. The CCD certificate is awarded upon completion of five courses in the 2600-level curriculum and a learning assessment for each. We recommend board members earn this credential during their first three-year term on the board of directors.

Directors who have earned their CCD certificate are eligible for the NRECA Board Leadership Certificate. This certificate is earned by completing a total of 10 credits from the 900-level courses. These courses are designed to be “challenger” workshops on key current issues.

In addition to these nationally customized courses MREA offers industry updates during our membership meetings and conferences. MREA also customizes courses on capital credits, governance best practices, Roberts Rules of Order, and understanding financial key ratios important to electric cooperative directors. Please see our event schedule and descriptions for details.

Access NRECA CCD & BLC attendance records: 

( access is required to view your director attendance records)

Employees and Directors can see their own records on To view records, login to, select “Member Center” and then select “My Course Record.”

For Benefit Administrators or Executive Assistants who have access to see everyone’s attendance records at the co-op:
Login to, under “Member Center” located on the top bar, select “My Co-op Data,” update employee data once on the search screen.

Enter in the 1st part of your co-op name – in cooperative field –  then hit search to pull everyone from your cooperative.

You will see a button “Courses – View” for each person’s name.

This will show you what courses a person has taken. (Courses take about 3-4 weeks after completion to appear on the record.)

To delete retired or deceased board members or if you need support with viewing the attendance records, please contact NRECA.