Rural Electric Management Association (REMA)

The Rural Electric management Association (REMA) provides education and training for its members by investigating, compiling, and disseminating information that is critical for effectively managing rural electric cooperatives. It is organized under MREA, which also facilitates REMA’s functions as one way of carrying out MREA’s vision of preparing members for success in an evolving industry.  REMA has five sections: CEOs, Financial Managers, Member Services, Line Superintendents, and Engineers & Operations. Each section has a board comprised of member representatives from MREA’s  seven districts, which plan the section’s events.

Sections are comprised of dues-paying members from cooperatives in Minnesota and surrounding states. The membership simply gives that co-op the annual opportunity to send one individual to the REMA conferences throughout the year.

  • Membership dues of $410 per co-op, per section and cover the cost of attendance for one co-op representative per section for all conferences held throughout the year.
  • Most sections hold two conferences annually.
  • REMA member cooperatives are invoiced for additional attendees at $240. Wisconsin and North Dakota co-op attendees are billed $240 per person.
  • Some REMA sections invite vendor members and non-REMA members to participate in their conferences as well. For those who do, vendor members and non-REMA members pay $350 per person to attend.
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