Lineworker Training & Certification

Lineworker Schools

Looking for a Lineworker school in the Midwest?  Select this link for a List of colleges in Minnesota and surrounding states.

Lineworker Training & Certification

MREA offers two lineworker apprentice training programs, Career Development for Lineworker (CDL) and Merchant Job Safety& Training (MJTS).  These programs instruct utility personnel in the safety-related work practices and technical skills necessary to install, operate, maintain, and remove electric power distribution systems.

Both programs are designed to meet the Federal and State Department of Labor requirements for apprentice training.

MREA provides support through maintaining records, reporting on progress, administering quizzes, and other record keeping activities.  For more information or to enroll apprentices, contact MREA.

Option 1: Career Development for Lineworkers – online modules
  1. Print the MREA Online CDL Enrollment form and send to MREA with the enrollment fee.
  2. MREA will then issue you a username and password.
  3. Next, download the MREA CDL Online Training Guide.
  4. Begin your training program:  Logon to the MREA Online CDL Apprenticeship Training website.

CDL Apprenticeship Fees:
Annual CDL Online Enrollment – $967
CDL Test Out 0ption (Step 1 and 2) – $370
Test Out Option with no study books – $135

Option 2: Merchant Job Training and Safety (MJTS) – workbook modules
  1. Print and complete the Merchant Application.
  2. Send the application with payment to MREA.
  3. Merchant will then send you the workbooks to begin your training.
  4. Select this link to download a Merchant Renewal Application.

MJTS Apprenticeship Fees:
Annual Merchant apprenticeship fee: $930
Merchant test out option: $200 (Click here to download the AP Merchant application and submit to test out of a Merchant level.)

MREA Journey Lineworker Certification

The MREA Journey Lineworker certificate is valid for a lifetime and is issued upon completion of an approved MREA apprentice training program. The cardholder must seek approval from the MREA member cooperative. If the card is lost or damaged, download, complete and return this Journey Lineworker Renewal Form and mail the form with a check for $25.00 to MREA.