Political action committees (or PACs) are an easy way for co-op members to become involved in the political process. PACs allow ordinary citizens to pool their small contributions to make a meaningful donation to legislative candidates who support their point of view. That is precisely what our federal ACRE and state REPAC do.

REPAC and ACRE allow electric co-op directors, managers, employees, and members to more actively participate in the legislative process. They allow us to join together to make our voice strong on electric utility issues. Without regard to party affiliation, our PACs make contributions to legislative candidates who show an interest in electric co-ops’ legislative positions. ACRE also has a subdivision that gets co-op member-owners involved called ACRE Co-op Owners for Political Action.

ACRE and REPAC promote the improvement of government by encouraging electric co-ops to take a more active and effective part in government affairs. REPAC and ACRE, in conjunction with our national and state grassroots efforts, encourage electric co-ops to know and understand the nature and actions of their government, the important political issues, and legislative records.

Our political action committees (PACs) do not “buy” legislative votes. PACs themselves should not be held in a bad light simply because many in the public have inaccurate images or impressions about them. PACs were formed to widen the political process and to allow ordinary citizens like us to have a clear and strong voice in the legislative halls.

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