MREA Grassroots Program

Grassroots political involvement is in our genes. We were created with politics during the New Deal and we continue to recognize the value political involvement brings our members. Telling the cooperative story is important, particularly when it comes to unique challenges our members face. We also advocate for flexibility so that electric cooperatives can operate efficiently and continue to provide safe, reliable and affordable electricity even in the most remote areas of the state. Our time-tested participation has contributed positively to the outcome of the legislative process.

Through the guidance of an elected board of directors, electric cooperatives work to provide electricity at the lowest possible cost consistent with sound management. Federal, state and local resolutions support electric energy policies that balance safety and reliability, affordability and environmental sensitivity.

Cooperatives also promote and fund economic development initiatives to create jobs and maintain a high standard of living for rural Minnesotans. In planning for electric fuel sources in the next 10, 20 or 30 years, electric cooperatives make informed decisions that consider technology advances, fuel source availability and price, transmission infrastructure, emissions, population densities and economic projections.

A statewide or national association’s credibility depends on the knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm of its members. MREA succeeds because its members interact and engage government officials in the business of powering homes, farms and businesses.

Directors’ Day at the Capitol

During the MREA annual meeting, cooperative board directors and managers spend a day at the Minnesota Capitol discussing electric generation, transmission and delivery policy issues with legislators. The directors and managers serve as the frontline for explaining the cooperative position on recently introduced bills being discussed at the Capitol and how they impact electric rates and reliability for rural member-owners.

Grassroots Day at the Capitol

Each legislative session, MREA member distribution cooperatives select delegates from among their employees, directors, member-owners, key account customers and others to meet with state legislators at the Minnesota Capitol. The event is timed to coincide with final committee debates on electricity proposals.

Grassroots advocates share professional and personal expertise on bills that have a critical impact on the day-to-day operations of the cooperatives and the quality and affordability of electricity to the member-owner. The day motivates and engages grassroots advocates in electric issues and strengthens relationships with legislators.

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MREA Grassroots

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