CDL Training Online

Career Development for Lineworkers (online module)

In conjunction with T&D PowerSkills, LLC, a nationally recognized utility training organization, MREA provides the Career Development for Lineworkers program available online. Each step or apprenticeship year consists of 13 training units and is associated with a training period of twelve months. The four-step CDL program is designed to be completed within 48 calendar months from the date of enrollment. There are 52 training units in the four-step program. This program has these features:

  • Unit Training Text and Graphics – Interactive presentation of training materials including animated graphics to aid in comprehension.
  • Unit Quizzes – Unit quizzes available at the completion of a unit and results immediately displayed for the student.
  • Field Performance Requirements – Printable form stating performance requirements that identify specific tasks for the student to conduct and thus demonstrating the knowledge gained from the on-line session training..
  • On-the-Job (OJT) Training Report – A worksheet is available through the website administration menu to allow the coordinator to enter and tabulate on-the-job-training activities, safety meetings, seminars, and other training related activities.
  • Progress and Status Reports – After the student log-in, individualized progress and status reports are available and viewable to the student, and accessible to the coordinator, and are instantly updated to remain current. Reports indicate units completed, date completed, units remaining, unit quiz scores, and other information useful to the student and coordinator. A message option is also there to prompt the student with due dates or other messages the coordinator sends.
  • Online Textbook and/or Hardcopy – Viewing the textbook is accomplished with the click of the mouse, and if the student wishes, a hard copy of the textbook may be provided with the student’s registration.
  • Certificate(s) of Completion – Upon completing each step, student is awarded a Certificate of Completion.
  • Online Textbook or Hardcopy