Safety Foundation

The foundation for our safety culture is built upon executing safe work as stated in our safety rules. Yet, statements won’t make a person safe if they are not engaged and have a clear understanding. Therefore, with this direction, the MREA safety and loss control steering committee established a set of “Basic life-saving rules” and “Expected safe work practices.”

Basic life-saving rules — A listing of 24 safety rules an employee can commit to follow, producing accountability and engagement. To download this document, select here.

Expected safe work practices – A compilation of numerous work activities and their expected mode of operation. The three groups that have access to these documents in pdf format include the Human Resources, Line Superintendents, and CEOs. Select the following link to download the documents from your password-protected member community group:
Human resources member community
Line superintendents member community
CEO’s member community

Do more rules make you safe?

Minnesota safety and loss control steering committee

Minnesota burn centers contact information

Burn Center at Hennepin County Medical Center 
701 Park Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55415 United States
(612) 873-2915

Essential Health Miller-Dwan Burn Center 
502 East 2nd St
Duluth, MN 55805 United States
Emergency Number to call when a victim is burned: (218) 786-HELP (4357)
(218) 786-2815

Regions Hospital Burn Center 
640 Jackson St
St. Paul, MN 55101 United States
(651) 254-6979
(800) 922-BURN (phone after hours and on weekends)