Resolutions Committee

The ten-member MREA resolutions committee, which represents each MREA district, meets annually. The committee is comprised of distribution cooperative directors and officers from the Rural Electric Management Association (REMA) CEO Board. Committee members and alternates are appointed by the MREA board of directors and serve a three-year term. Cooperative advisory members are invited to participate directly in the resolutions process. Learn more

Safety and Loss Control Steering Committee

The safety and Loss Control steering committee provides guidance and direction for the safety services associated with the MREA safety department.  This committee meets at least two times a year to review safety rules, training topics, safety equipment, safety needs of the cooperative, etc.  The committee has representation from the districts as well as a CEO representative. Click here to provide comments and suggestions for this committee.


The Rural Electric Political Action Committee (REPAC) is a state political action committee funded by voluntary contributions from co-op directors, employees and consumers. Learn more about MREA grassroots efforts and how you can contribute.

Cooperative Leadership Working Group

The cooperative leadership work group promotes practices which promote good governance. Comprised of a member CEO and board director from each district, the work group currently meets monthly.