MREA online learning opportunities

2020 events

2021 events

January 11-14: MREA/MMUA electrical distribution design workshop
March 16-17: Work order procedures
June 15-16: Work order procedures
November 3-4: Work order procedures

2021 CPE-certified financial webinar series – This series consists of 10 90-minute trainings over 10 months.

February 18: Financial webinar series: Managing the finances of your organization
March 18: Financial webinar series: Work plan oversight
April 15: Financial webinar series: Capital and long-term planning
May 20: Financial webinar series: Financial metrics
July 22: Financial webinar series: Cost of service study and rate design
August 19: Financial webinar series: Cash flow
September 23: Financial webinar series: Investments
October 22: Financial webinar series: Depreciation – basics and beyond

November 18: Financial webinar series: Time value of money
December 16: Financial webinar series: Strategy and execution

2021 leadership training online courses

January 19: Leadership training: You are only a leader if others follow (formerly Basic Principles)
January 19-20, 22, 25: Leadership training: Module 1
January 26-29: Leadership training: Module 2
February 9-12: Leadership training: Module 3
February 23-26 Leadership training: Module 4
April 20-23: Leadership training: Module 1
May 18-21: Leadership training: Module 2
June 15-18: Leadership training: Module 3
September 21-24: Leadership training: Module 4

2021 director training opportunities

January 20-21: NRECA BLC 964.1 Communicating the new energy landscape
January 22: District 1 meeting
March 1-3: 80th MREA annual meeting and trade show
April 7-8: NRECA BLC 935.1: Appraising and compensating the CEO
June 2-3: NRECA BLC 955.1: Your board’s culture – its impact on effectiveness
August 11-12: 26th Annual Energy Issues Summit (EIS)
September 14-15: NRECA BLC 961.1 The evolution of electric cooperative power supply
December 7: NRECA BLC 929.1: Current governance issues in policy development

Affiliated organization webinars

Other opportunities