Equipment for Electric Cooperative Use

Equipment for Electric Cooperative Use

Members of MREA can check out various safety tools that strengthen the safety culture for both employees and the public.  These items are free of charge for members of MREA.

Hazard Hamlet Electrical Safety Tabletop Display

Safety Display_without Curt

Promoting electrical safety is a key outreach for any cooperative.  Through MREA, you have access to the Hazard Hamlet Electrical Safety Display to take your public safety to a new interactive level.




This display features:

  • Static sounds and lighting to simulate electricity.
  • Visuals to enhance your speaking presentation.
  • Convenient carrying cases that can easily and quickly be setup on a table; simply plug in and go.
  • Remote control to trigger the electrical sounds and sights.
  • Additional electrical hazard illustrations supported on the side.

Some of the hazards visually demonstrated are:

  • Music in the bathroom
  • Too many plugs in an outlet
  • Frayed wire
  • Toaster hazard
  • Crawl spaces issues
  • Substation/transformers
  • Flying a kite near power lines
  • Padmount transformers
  • Call before you dig reminder
  • Sawing a branch from a tree
  • Swimming pools
  • Hedge trimming
  • Climbing utility poles

Contact MREA today to check out the display for your next public safety event, annual meeting, employee/family day, or any other group you wish to promote electrical safety.

Driving Simulator

PKM Driving SimulatorOur driving simulator allows drivers to practice techniques to better recognize and respond to hazards while driving a vehicle of their choice – a bucket truck, van, pickup truck, car, etc.  The driver is able to call out hazards verbally and the program recognizes the driver’s voice.  The simulator provides 10 lessons with several exercises. The driver will be driving a virtual vehicle, calling out hazards, or both.  The content of each chapter also changes based on the vehicle selected.

Chapter Lessons:

  • Lesson 1 What is a hazard?
  • Lesson 2 Keep your eyes moving
  • Lesson 3 Never take your eyes off road
  • Lesson 4 Take time to look
  • Lesson 5 Be aware of what you can’t see
  • Lesson 6 What if?
  • Lesson 7 Maintain following distance
  • Lesson 8 Cover the brake
  • Lesson 9 Maintain space around vehicle
  • Lesson 10 Parking lots