Safety Series

Specialty Safety Training Series

MREA offers a variety of training topics to ensure compliance with regulations and to build safety skills for the critical work.  We provide an environment of learning through hands-on modules and instructor-led exercises.  Participants then check their knowledge learned with a self-graded quiz.  We end our training sessions with an interactive safety poker game that reviews another safety topic.

2014  2015 2016
Job Site/Safety Hazards Load Securement Ergonomics for Lineworkers
Back Injury Prevention OSHA Rule Review Federal Motor Carrier Safety
Regulators and Controls ARC Flash Safety Review Lifting/Rigging with Chain/Sling Safety
Voltage Troubleshooting MAD Reminder Class Accidents – Step by step
Work Zone Safety (Traffic) Trenching & Excavation Safety Review Work Zone Safety Flagger Certificate
URD Fault Locating, Isolation and Repair  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Rules Tree Trimming
Electric Meter Safety and Troubleshooting Close Call Reporting NESC & Clearances
Electrical Burns and Mayday Actions Distributed Generation Safety Fatigue in Operations
Bucket Truck Operator Qualifications Chain  Saw Safety Skill Building in Stations (see below)
Trenching & Excavation Safety Review Digger Derrick Qualifications Review Outdoor Environmental Hazards
Pole Top and Bucket Rescue Customer Service Review Pole Top and Bucket Rescue
Emergency Procedures/Mayday Pole Top and Bucket Rescue Job Site Safety
Rubber Gloving CTs and PTs Safety Grounding
Overhead Transformer Connections Driving Safely
Use of PPE and Arc Rated Clothing Care Overhead Transformer Connections
Switching and Tagging (OH/URD)  At-Risk Behaviors

All Employee Safety Series

Annual Safety Compliance Training
Emergency Action Plan
Fire Extinguisher Review
Hazard Recognition
Accident Investigation
Forklift Safety Review
First Aid/CPR/AED
Speak Up, Listen Up

Mechanics/Warehouse Regional Safety Series

Join your peers in this safety series focused on safety issues related to your specific job and tasks.  Each year, two series will be held at 4 different locations around the state.  This all day-training covers topics such as grinding safety, using extendo sticks, arc-rated clothing, working alone, etc.  Check out our event section of the website for the next scheduled Regional Safety Series and find one close to your location.