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This month, the Minnesota Legislature proposed legislation to transition all electricity sold in the state to be 100% carbon-free by 2040. SF 4 poses a significant threat to electric reliability and affordability for communities across Minnesota. We need your help to fix this bill. Sign up for Voices for Cooperative Power to help us reach legislators!

Minnesota Electric Reliability Threatened
SF 4 puts Minnesota’s energy reliability in jeopardy by forcing hasty mandates and imposing unrealistic timelines on energy providers. With the increase in extreme weather events, grid operators are already warning of impending rolling blackouts. Your energy reliability is at risk – tell lawmakers to work with electric cooperatives to fix this legislation.

Energy Affordability at Risk
Developing new renewable generation facilities, equipment, and infrastructure to support carbon-free energy will take significant time and money. Forcing premature energy resource decisions through mandates, as is the case in the proposed legislation, will only drive costs up.

We need your help to protect your electric reliability and affordability. Tell your state legislators to work with rural electric cooperatives to fix this bill.

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Minnesota Rural Electric Association
Voices for Cooperative Power