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Meeker Cooperative Light & Power offers families with students free VIBRANT Broadband Internet for three months with free standard installation to support e-learning.

Meeker Cooperative wants to help students continue their education through this time of crisis. Meeker’s broadband internet access service, VIBRANT, offers the highest speeds and consistent connection to the internet for their rural communities using fiber optic technologies. To help families stay connected with the fastest internet speeds, they have developed a new program called “VIBRANT-U Education Scholarship,” offering the first three months of service free and free standard installation.

“Meeker Cooperative has been servicing the rural community for 85 years with electricity. Our next commitment is servicing our rural communities with high-speed Internet access using the most current technologies available,” states Tim Mergen, CEO of Meeker Cooperative. “This also means we step up in times of need. We are offering our VIBRANT-U Education Scholarship program to help families with students forced to continue their learning from home.” Read the complete article in Tri-County News