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Minnesota West Community and Technical College will begin offering a Powerline Technology program at the Granite Falls Campus in July 2019. Currently the Powerline Technology program is offered on the Jackson campus, however Minnesota West is now adding the satellite Powerline Technology option in Granite Falls to expand the program to serve the workforce and region.

Powerline Technology is a one-year 38 credit diploma program that prepares students to become apprentices in powerline construction and maintenance. Students learn basic skills and applications in transmission and distribution. Persons trained in this field, work for power companies installing and maintaining overhead and underground powerlines. They install equipment such as overvoltage and overcurrent protective devices, transformers, capacitors, and regulators. Powerline technicians are employed by investor owned power companies, consumer owned power companies, municipalities, and by electrical contractors.

Bruce Peterson, Academic Dean of Energy Technologies states, “As the power systems in Minnesota continue to evolve, we see the Southwest region of the state becoming a stronger presence in the power generation sector. The State continues to reduce its’ dependence on traditional fossil fuel generation and build its resources around renewables. Production of electricity in our region is growing to meet the demand of the more densely populated regions. As a result of electricity production in our region, transmission of that electricity will be a critical factor in the changing state power economy.  Minnesota also has an aging infrastructure in the power grid that needs upgrading and modernization. When you look at how long many of our distribution lines have been providing service to rural areas, you start to gain a sense of the future need for maintenance and replacement needed for many years to come. Society relies on dependable electrical supply. Powerline technicians are the people who will keep that going for years to come.”

For more information about the program or opportunities to enroll, visit or call 800-658-2330.